26 November 2018

Changing the image of construction

We’re working to change the image of construction.  Recently, we were interviewed by the Telegraph, as part of their Business Reporter series, to talk about why there’s a skills shortage in the industry and what we’re doing both nationally and regionally to address it.

Construction is a major sector of the UK economy. Worth more than £100 billion annually, employing in excess of 2.93 million people, you could say the industry is booming. But there is an increasing challenge on the construction horizon.

With an ageing workforce and a poor influx of young people taking up careers in it, the construction industry looks certain to face a skills crisis in the next decade.

The image of construction has a detrimental impact on construction businesses’ ability to recruit and retain people with the right types of skills. Data shows that the overall appeal of the construction industry as a career option for young people is low, scoring four out of ten among 14 to 19 year olds. It is perceived to be about “being outdoors and getting dirty” and most suited to “young people who do not get into college or university”.

How wrong this is. The construction is an industry full of opportunity. An industry enabling people to build a sense of legacy. An industry with a pathway for both personal and professional development. An industry where you can build your future.

Matt Tyler, Dribuild Managing Director, says: “It is a challenge that seems to have an obvious solution. The industry needs to work with the Government and other stakeholders to show the true opportunities and rewards that exist. We need to appeal to everyone, from school leavers setting out in their career, to people looking to retrain, as well as highly skilled professionals, tempting them away from other sectors.

“Our vision for a network of skills and education centres throughout the UK would see the government, construction companies and training centres and colleges working collaboratively to address this skills shortage, equipping people with the right skills and experience to pursue a rewarding career in the industry.”

Take a look at our interview with Alastair Greener below:



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