Championing good environmental practice

A core focus for Dribuild is the careful management of operations to reduce any negative environmental impact. The Company monitors activities with its supply chain and partners and promotes good environmental practice. At the heart of this approach are the key areas of:

  • Applying carbon management reduction
  • Applying best practice and innovation
  • Reduction of the use of natural resources
  • Effective management and co-ordination

Waste Management

One of the biggest environmental impacts of construction and property development is created by waste. This can be waste from removal of existing buildings and materials, as well as waste created by the creation or alteration of new and existing buildings. Dribuild has identified waste as a primary focus for improvement and has put in place a strict and conscientious waste management plan that stipulates segregation of materials to allow more efficient recycling, reuse and disposal if the material cannot be recycled or reused. Awareness of waste underpins all development plans, and is reflected in the cost plans for all projects. In this way effective and responsible treatment of waste has a positive cost implication for the business.

The Company sets objectives as part of the Quality Management System. Continuous feedback and communication of progress on each initiative helps to shape and strengthen the approach. The Company sets objectives as part of quality management plan, including environmental performance, and reviews activity of the previous year. The output of all activity is assessed and from this, subsequent activity can be planned, building on previous successes.

Environmental Management & Communication

Dribuild’s Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Managing Director and is responsible for implementing and coordinating sustainability initiatives and actions. The Committee is supported by Sustainability Champions who communicate and co-ordinate sustainability activities across the company, as well as communicating with partners and stakeholders on sustainability performance.