Our Workplace

A creative collaborative environment supporting long-term careers

Dribuild provides staff with an exciting and stimulating work environment which is creative, collaborative, professional and respectful. Colleagues are encouraged to take control of their future around structured personal development plans. The Company values drive the business and guide how the Management acts and makes decisions.

Dribuild actively supports young people with career development by sponsoring its staff through education and training up to, and including, degree level studies. Every year we allocate a significant staff training budget which typically amounts to £1,000 per staff member. This investment ensures Dribuild staff continue to deliver exceptional service to customers, as well as helping the Company to achieve its ambition to be a respected employer providing a market-leading working environment.

The clearest success indicator for how effective this approach is, can be measured in staff retention. Less than 2% of staff have left Dribuild and over 70% have been with the Company since the start.

Dribuild is also committed to achieving, and maintaining, the essential business standards. Dribuild has achieved ISO9001 and 14001 management standards in Quality and Environmental and is adopting the new 2015 standards for both, which will incorporate an integrated management system.